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08/11/2016 at 7:22pm

TMF's Diamond in the Rough that is Bridging Community

We are proud to share with you the highlights and outcomes of our 2016 Baseball Season. As many of you know, TMF is located on the grounds of the Veterans Home of California, Yountville. This incredible place is home to nearly a 1000 veteran residents. A place that was very familiar to Tug McGraw and why TMF had a calling to be there-the Veterans and the diamond it possess-Borman Field. The Veteran's Home of Yountville is home to one of our nation's most beautiful baseball field and a field of dreams Tug loved to play on.


The mission of this program is to improve quality of life by bridging, veterans and community through America's favorite pastime-baseball. We aim to educate the community about the Veterans Home of Yountville, California (where we are based), Build relationships, Empower residents, Increase outdoor exercise for home's residents and Inrease intergenerational social activities for residents.


TMF's Jennifer Brusstar struck up a conversation with a resident sitting on a Bench with a New York baseball hat on.  She asked the man, "Are you a Mets fan or Yankee?" He said, "Yankee."  From that conversation on, the 93 year old veteran resident from New York enlightened her about this Mixed Nutts Team that plays on the campus here. What shocked Jennifer, is he furthered went on to say he is a currently playing on the team and that she should come at watch sometime.    At that moment it was if she heard Tug screaming from the fields of heaven,  “Jenn go see what this is all about-this is crazy awesome!” When she arrived to see this group of "Mixed Nutts" which they have named themeselves, she simply could not believe what 40 residents had created on their own, or as she said, "a league of their own."


"Two years later, The Tug McGraw Foundation is the extra lift in their wings to help them achieve and fly further.  "If he were with us today,  would be smack dab in the middle of each game with these guys. They truly have his “ Ya Gotta Believe” spirit.  With the simplicity of a bat, ball, and glove, this team demonstrates why we need to enjoy life, encourage others, and even laugh at yourself once in awhile." Jennifer Brusstar, Tug McGraw Foundation

What we Can't Say In Words...Moving Pictures with a Very Special Song- Can Say it All.

Thank you Veteran Resident, John Lew for your gift of photography

and Tim McGraw for "Top of the World"

Click here, to visit our Mixed Nutts Site for Written Outcomes on 2016,

to learn more about the program, and or how to get involved in 2017

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