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07/05/2016 at 1:15pm

A Message from Team Eric from the Summit

After a tremendous weekend climbing, we wanted to report back to all of you that Team Eric successfully summited Mount Rainer in the early morning on Sunday June 26th. Our climbing adventure began on June 24th with a refresher clinic of mountaineering safety skills and techniques, skills that were luckily never needed. The following day, with abundant sunshine, we commenced our climb to Camp Muir (an outpost located at 10,000 ft) to rest for a few hours before beginning our summit attempt at midnight on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, at about 12,000 ft at 2 am, Will faced some problems with his climbing boots and was forced to stop before some steep rocky pitches.  Jon and Josh were able to push forward and bring the Team Eric and Tug McGraw banner to the summit (14,410 ft). The team descended together from Camp Muir to the bottom in high spirits. Will was proud to be a part of the expedition despite the difficulties and plans to return to Mount Rainier to conquer the last couple thousand feet.



We wanted to thank all of our friends and family for supporting us on our journey over the past six months. We are so proud, not only of our time on the mountain, but of the incredible fundraising achievement which all of you were a part of: we raised $14,774 from 144 donors for the Tug McGraw foundation, more than 120% of our goal. We set out to make this journey about doing something bigger than ourselves, to raise money and awareness about Brain Cancer, Veterans PTSD and TBI, as well as celebrate Josh’s Dad Eric’s birthday. We accomplished all of these goals and could not have done it without your support.



As a team, we gained both a deeper friendship and a greater appreciation for the challenge of climbing. We hope to continue this tradition together in the future. Thank you again for being a part of this special moment with us, and we hope you enjoy the attached pictures.





Will, Josh and Jon

(Team Eric)