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is vital to keeping them on a healthy path and maintaining their quality of life.  This is a very unmet need and something we are focused on at the Tug McGraw Foundation." Jennifer Brusstar, CEO the Tug McGraw Foundation


Transition from a military career to civilian life can be challenging. Add post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury to the equation and the family has even a bigger challenge-often times tearing them apart.  In 2010, The Tug McGraw Foundation spent a lot of time with Allen Hill when he first arrived at the Pathway Home with his dog Frankie.   Aside from our donations early on to the Pathway Program, TMF funded individual projects that would be complimentary to their residential treatment with the goal of aiding them in their transition from the program.  Recognizing Allen had a passion for computers and technology the Tug McGraw Foundation supported him on several online computer classes while he completed treatment.


The Hills Give an In-Depth Interview On the Affects of PTSD and TBI in Their Home


Three Years Later with tmf-september 2013



Top to Bottom: Allen and the Ingram Micro IT team at the Phillies, Sherryl Morris and Jennifer Brusstar with the Hills, Sherryl prepping Allen and Gina on miking up, Ingram presents TMF with a check, portion of the funds will be directed for Allen to complete his first IT certification, former Phillies, Larry Christenson, Phillies announcer, the Sarge Matthews,  Allen and Navy UDT Veteran know they have a common bond.


Today, Allen attends school is in pursuit of getting his IT certification, enjoys being a family man, and stays connected.  In early September, Allen and Gina Hill shared their story at the Ingram Micro Technology Conference. Allen had an opportunity to participate in technology sessions and meet IT industry people.  The Tug McGraw Foundation and Ingram Micro are committed to funding his first IT Certification.


"Ya Gotta Believe"

Frankie and Allen show up for batting practice with Coach Ryne Sandberg