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Brain Tumors

Faces of Hope

When Jim McKeon watched his five-year-old son Jimmy play a school basketball game and score 24 out of his teams' total of 28 points, he knew his son was special.


Then, almost out of nowhere, Jimmy got sick and was diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor, and Jim McKeon recognized how truly remarkable his son was. Despite a nearly two-year barrage of surgery, chemotherapy, high-dose chemotherapy, radiation, a stem cell transplant and scans, as well as hundreds of prods, probes, needles and drugs, Jimmy McKeon (now age eight) remains one of the most positive, happy and amazing kids you'd ever want to meet.

"You'll never meet a more positive, upbeat and caring kid," said Jim.


Jimmy McKeon and friends

"His positive attitude is infectious, and he just pulls you along. As our family has embarked on this journey with Jimmy and learned more about brain cancer, I felt I had to do something to help other families cope with this terrible disease; so I joined the Tug McGraw Foundation."


Jimmy's road to recovery is a long one with both physical and emotional challenges ahead, and he continues to work hard in therapy to regain his strength, stamina and coordination. While Jimmy is trying to get back on his feet, he has temporarily traded in his wiffle ball and bat for a PlayStationTM joystick. But whether it is “Madden Football” or “Tiger Woods Golf,” Jimmy still hates to lose.


An important part of the Tug McGraw Foundation's work is funding new and innovative research and well as improving the quality of life for children and adults with brain tumors. Together, father and son are competing hard to beat brain cancer. Your donations and support for the Tug McGraw Foundation can help us all win!


(Story written by Jimmy's uncle, Paul McKeon.)

For the year 2006, the Tug McGraw Foundation would like to recognize the exemplary and courageous spirit of this young man and dedicates its efforts to fight brain cancer to Jimmy McKeon.