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TMF is looking for experienced bloggers who can write original, good quality blog posts for our "Collaboratively Speaking" section that will be launched with our new website.  The Foundation is looking for both guest bloggers and featured contributors who are willing to write on subject matters that surround the issues of brain-related trauma and tumors such as Brain Cancer, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.


"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself." ~ Alexander Graham Bell


Requirements:The focus of your post should be on providing readers with useful, informative, educational and actionable articles that teach and enlighten the reader.

All blog posts must be in English, using correct grammar and spelling. All content must be original (no republished posts).

Guest posts will be reviewed and edited before being published. Submission does not guarantee inclusion.

Length should be 400 – 1000 words. You may include a short bio and blog URL at the bottom of your post.

Subject Matter:


  • Brain Tumors/Cancer
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (military)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (military)
  • Quality of life issues for caregivers and individuals affected by brain-related trauma and tumors
  • Treatments that relate to brain-related trauma and tumors
  • Research and science that relates to brain-related trauma and tumors
  • Caregiver, spouse and dependent stress
  • Caregiver, spouse and dependent resources
  • Financial information as it relates to brain-related trauma and tumors
  • Returning to work as it relates to brain-related trauma and tumors
  • Living the "new normal" as it relates to brain-related trauma and tumors

To be considered for guest blogging, please introduce yourself and submit 2-3 themes for a post. Please send your request to info@tugmcgraw.org.



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