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Joe is a 2-tour veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom as an Explosive Ordinance Device Technician, i.e., Bomb Technician. During his 2 tours he was blown up by an IED 4 times. The 4th time he endured a traumatic brain injury. His last tour ended in 2011. He is still coping with PTSD. Joe’s wife Kelli,nominated Joe for a live music wish grant with the Do It For The Love Foundation.


The Do It For The Love Foundation grants live concert music wishes for people living with life-threatening illnesses, children surviving severe challenges, and wounded veterans (including PTSD). The goal is to inspire joy, hope, and lasting powerful memories through the healing power of music in the face of severe illness or trauma. Wish grant recipients can see any artist they want – from Kid Rock, to Tim McGraw, to Kiss, to Dave Matthews, to Taylor Swift.


Joe’s wife, Kelli wrote to thank the Do It For The Love Foundation, "We had an amazing time last night. It was a great experience all around. We were so inspired. This was the first time Joe and I enjoyed a concert. The music was uplifting and so positive and being outside helped with Joe's PTSD. Joe is still telling me this morning how happy he is about how last night went. Thank you again and again and again. What you guys do is beautiful!"



Please nominate someone today: doitforthelove.org






Katariina, a wounded warrior, was a Marine Corps Captain in Iraq. She was also diagnosed with breast cancer in March of this year. Katariina requested her greatest live music wish be granted: To see the band Michael Franti and Spearhead.


Katariina said, “Thank you Do It For The Love Foundation! Meeting Michael Franti was the highlight of a very tough year. Being at the Soul Shine Concert and meeting Michael, just two weeks after my double mastectomy, was amazing and very emotional for me. I was still feeling tender and not fully recovered but his music and presence were both healing and uplifting. During his performance it was as if time stood still and I became one with the thousands of Franti fans dancing in the amphitheater.


As a wounded warrior (PTSD) I was able to share with him my experience as a Marine Corps Captain in Iraq. Upon my return, Michael’s documentary, “I Know I Am Not Alone,” had soothed my troubled soul. It gave me the inspiration to show photos from my tour in a gallery and speak out about the effects of Post Traumatic Stress on Veterans.


We will bring your music into all my upcoming operations. My life is better with all of you!”





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